SI.AL. is convinced that Safety Coordinators, Designers of EN 795 systems and Installators have to cooperate speaking the same language but, above all, they don't have to "invade" the fields and other responsibility but if ever "move it" in respect of the role and the commitment of the other's people.

For this reason the SI.AL. training courses are address to all the people that are involved in the project, design and installation of systems in conformity with EN 795 because they have subjects of common interest such as:

- the injury phenomenon: the risks and the legislation;

- subjects involved and responsibilities;

- types of fall arrest systejms EN 795;

- choice, displacement and modality of the devices on the roof;

- examples of projects;

- standard indications for the test, maintenance and periodic inspection;

- analysis of the graphical projects;

- Civil responsibility insurance;

- practical examples of installation on three different surfaces: wood, concrete and iron;

- installation on metal and industrial roofings.

The courses of SI.AL. are held during the entire day of Saturday.

The most gratification for the investment of the time and the commitment towards the organization of our training courses is the appreciation demonstrated by our clients that we want to thank for their enthusiasm during their partecipation.